Amazing Amazon - Aquarium and Reptile Specialists
We pride ourselves on our expertise with Reptiles, Aquarium and Birds. We are a specialist shop that does not sell Dogs, Cats or small animals.
Our Reptile livestock is second to none and our prices are the benchmark for all other retail operations. Our showroom in Melbourne has a massive range of Aquariums, fish tanks, big and small and we can custom make any tank or enclosure to suit our customers needs. Our reptile range is the biggest around, with an extensive stock of Dragons, Monitors, Pythons, Bluetongues, Spiders, Scorpions and we carry the largest range of Baby Turtles and turtle tanks. We pride ourselves on selling the best products available and have a complete range of reptile supplies including bowls, hide holes, reptile heat lamps, UVB lighting, substrates, terrariums and accessories to make your reptile tank stand out amongst the rest.

We have hundreds of different species of fish including Goldfish, African and South American Cichlids, Natives and Marine fish. Whether your looking for a basic Goldfish, Tropical fish or something rare like a freshwater stingray, you will be amazed by the amount of different fish species we will have to suit your tank.


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