The Local Aquarium Store website is an Australia directory of bricks and mortar aquarium stores and helping people to find and connect with them. It was born out of necessity as there are many people are missing out on the experience of actually visiting their local aquarium stores.

There is always so much to see and experience, from tropical fish tanks with spectacular plant scapes or marine fish tanks displaying mesmerizing corals. And most importantly, free advise from highly experienced staff that are there to help you succeed with your endeavors with this wonderful and satisfying hobby.

There are 2 types of directory listings that we have. 

The first is what we refer to as a standard listing. This will be an aquarium store in Australia that we have added to our database. A standard listing is not verified by us and we cant confirm the existence of that store.

Verified listings, will be indicated with a blue tick next to the stores name. This tick means that True Aquatic has had several successful transactions with that store and therefore the address can be verified. Also, stores that have this verification will have their Facebook feed published here, so that we can help to further promote their shop.

True Aquatic, is an Australian wholesale manufacture of aquarium plants and is a major sponsor of this website.

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